I’ve been using Air-ease Heating & Cooling at two of my retail stores for over 38 years. The owner, Gary, and I probably started our businesses around the same time and have grown together as customers of each other’s, and formed a strong business relationship. Over time, he’s certainly educated himself with the changes in the technology of the heating and cooling business. When it’s crunch time, I know I can always depend on Brandon or Bob coming over and doing what they can to solve my problem. There are many heating and cooling repair places on the Chicago area market, but at the end of the day you want someone who values relationships and longevity, and Air-ease will do whatever is dictated to get you up and running again.

~ Mark S., Tinley Park, IL

I’ve been a satisfied customer for over a year. The technician is excellent. Always on time and knows his heating & air conditioning. Air-ease Heating & Cooling is my choice for taking care of my furnace and air conditioning.

~ Maxine T., Lockport, IL

Been with air-ease for 35yrs and have been satisfied. I highly recommend air-ease.

~ John S., Frankfort, IL

I appreciate knowing the people I do business with. In the case of Air Ease this goes back to the 1970’s when both you and I began our businesses in Tinley Park.

~ Thomas C., Oak Forest, IL

Air-ease Heating & Cooling have done a lot for us. They came in to check our old air system and recommended a new system. When one of the HVAC units broke down they came to the rescue. They are excellent and they’re great people.

~ Adbul A., Mokena , IL

First time we used Air-ease (our annual c/u thru NI-Gas). Technician Brandon was on time, very courteous and pleasant. Explained everything well and finished when he said he would be done, as I was sort of time restricted. If we need any services that Air-ease could provide, we would definitely call them and would also recommend this company to others. We are currently in a Ni-Gas agreement that includes plumbing. so we will look into this. Thanks, Brandon, for your excellent serivce.

~ Judy W., Oak Forest, IL

I’ve been using Air-ease Heating & Cooling for 30 years. Recently, they fixed the fan on my furnace. They did good — they always do good.

~ Paul H., Orland Park, IL

My folks had Air-ease Heating & Cooling and they were very satisfied — that’s how we got them. We had them clean our furnace and check it over. We were completely satisfied and we would have them back again. Brandon, the serviceman, was friendly, on time, and provided good service.

~ Julie C., Tinley Park, IL

Air-ease Heating & Cooling clean the Heating/Air Conditioning system that hangs on the wall. It’s a AC and also a heater so we can use it twelve months a year.I’ve been using them for a couple of years. The air conditioning system, they come out and clean them, we also have two of those. They also service two furnaces that we have so they clean those and put new filters in them too. We are in pretty good working order here, I think they are due to come out in the spring. They handle all our AC and Heating needs.

~ Thomas B., Tinley Park, IL

Always here in the time frame they give me. Brandon was here for my last two service calls. He certainly knows his way around heating and cooling units. everyone in the company is top notch.

~ Glenn S., Tinley Park, IL

I’ve been using Air-ease Heating & Cooling for over 30 years now. I like everything about them. They’re always prompt and do a good job. They charge fairly and do good work. They installed my heater and AC.

~ John S., Frankfort, IL

We have had a professional relationship with Air-ease Heating and Cooling for about a year and a half. Most recently they checked our filters and did some basic maintenance, as well as repair the heating unit in our breakfast area. They did have to return a few times to resolve a complication, but whenever we have an issue it is easy to get help from them. They are a family oriented business. The wife does the paperwork, and both the father and son are technicians. So when there is an issue that the son can’t fix the father will step in, or they will attack the issue together. Because they are a family their communication is very effective. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with. We plan to continue to do business with them.

~ Arnette G., Matteson, IL

I had my furances cleaned, humidamist installed, and new thermostate installed at my house on 2 separate location. Brendan and Bob were both very friendly and did a great job. Bob took the time to look at some draft issues in my house and was able to fix my front door draft that was cooling the downstairs quite a bit. I was referred to air ease by my in laws and I am glad I went with them. I use to use another local company that was just ok. I am glad I have used AIre Ease and plan to continue using them. I highly recommend.

~ Kim H., Orland Park, IL

Outstanding, from the first phone call for service to the time they finish there work. We have been using them for over 15 years.

~ Wayne L., Frankfort, IL

Air-ease Heating & Cooling is friendly, knowledgeable, responsive and the work got done and got done right. I have a water-based/radiant heating system. The gentleman who came out was knowledgeable and understood how the equipment worked and, even though he didn’t do it himself, he was able to figure out the problem and addressed the issues appropriately. Their response time was very good and he was prompt. I don’t normally give people five stars. He did a very good job and I was happy.I got a better response from Air-ease Heating & Cooling than I had gotten from other people for water-based heating, because most people are used to forced-air heating.Their price was about what I figured it would be–no surprises–and I’m happy as long as there are no surprises. I’ve gone back to them for additional work and have asked for an air-conditioning system quote, because I’m very happy with the service I got.

~ Andy N., Mokena, IL

I have used Air-ease Heating & Cooling for several years. I first heard about them in the telephone book. I think their prices are fair. I continue to use them because they are a local business that I trust. This last time they came out to replace an old thermostat that had mercury in it and so I had a new modern thermostat installed. I think they provide good service.

~ Janet H., Tinley Park , IL

Air-ease Heating & Cooling does a really good job at keeping up the maintenance of my super old boiler. They usually come out once a year for the check ups and each time I am very pleased with service I get from them. I think their prices are reasonable. Their technicians know what they’re talking about – very competent employees who are friendly and skillful.

~ Bill H., Tinley Park, IL

I’ve been using Air-ease Heating & Cooling for about 25 years and they are a wonderful company. I had them to come out to check out my AC because it was frozen and they were able to fix the problem with my AC. Brandon is delightful, he works really hard and provides great follow through and workmanship.

~ Kathy F., Tinley Park, IL

I contacted Air-ease Heating & Cooling for my hot water tank leak. There’s no more leak, I haven’t had anymore problems since the last appointment – the results are good! Fair pricing. The workers were professional, on time and worked expeditiously! I would call them again for my personal and business needs.

~ Debra L., Tinley Park, IL

Air-ease Heating & Cooling has done some repair work for me on and off when the furnace has been down. Their prices are fine, there is no problem there. The guys who come out are pretty quick and they work well with you. My only issue is that I wanted him to replace the furnace and when I asked them to quote me a price for that, I never got a quote. When I called them again to try one more time, I still didn’t get a quote. They are a smaller company so it could just be that they didn’t want to do the installation because it takes up the whole day and then they can’t do anything else that day. I just wish I could have given them that business. Brandon is the guy who comes out for 90% of the repairs and he is excellent. He is here quickly, he asks good questions, he is very knowledgeable, and he gives you all kinds of different options on how to handle things. I really like working with them and they are very good.

~ Scott T., Tinley Park, IL

Air-ease Heating & Cooling were just very personable and any questions that I had, they answered right way and they didn’t make me feel like I was bothering them. Sometimes when I have guys come to the house, they make me feel like I’m a bother to them if I want to know what’s going on. This is my first time using them and I will absolutely use them again. The guy that came out, I can’t remember his name but he was amazing.

~ Cynthia L., Illinois, IL

Air-ease Heating & Cooling’s service is excellent. They do maintenance on our air conditioning, heating, and a whole bunch of other stuff. We have used them for several years and their technicians always arrive on time.

~ Al K., Tinley Park, IL

Well I was happy that Air-ease Heating & Cooling came out promptly exactly when they promised that they would be. The technician was very polite, friendly and professional and he did not waste any time adding up billable hours. He got right to work and did the job as quick as he could and even cleaned up after he was done. I would definitely recommend them to other people, they did a great job for me.

~ Bill D., Mokena, IL

Brandon has cleaned, dusted and checked everything my units. Both the A/C unit and the furnace. He answers all my questions and explains things so I can understand what is going on.

~ Mike C., Oak Lawn, IL

Air-ease Heating & Cooling has done quite a few things for me. They installed the boiler, they did some maintenance on the boiler, they installed a new heating and AC unit. They’ve done lots of stuff. It’s a little pricey but I’m happy with the quality of their work.

~ Robert J., Orland Park, IL

Been with Air Ease for years. Would highly recommend to anyone! Professional, courteous, come out fast when there is an issue! Reasonable prices. I always know work will be done right & they are trustworthy!! Thanks Air Ease!!!

~ Patti L., Tinley Park, IL

Air-ease Heating & Cooling installed heating and AC for our home. They also do our repairs if we need it. Prices are fair. The technician were very nice and informative. I would recommend them .

~ William B., Tinley Park , IL

I have used Air Ease for many years. The service is great from thr phone call to schedule my appointment to the actual service. They know who Iam and Brandon is such a nice guy plus he does a great job. It’s so nice not to be just a number. Would recommend then to anyone.

~  Maria H., Orland Park, IL

They do excellent work

~ Gaylord N., Homer Glen, IL

Air-ease Heating & Cooling came out to provide us with the spring tune up, he also helped with re leveling the unit and everything is running perfectly. The technician was prompt. The company is very convenient to my home. Great reasonable prices.

~ Mel B., Tinley Park , IL

I went online to find and found Air-ease Heating & Cooling. My second floor unit wasn’t blowing cool air. The technician showed up when he said he was going to show up. He also cleaned up behind himself. Prices were good. I would recommend this company.

~ William A., Country Club Hills, IL

Air-ease Heating & Cooling is knowledgeable about the unique system that’s set up for air conditioning in the house, and they are responsive. We have multiple AC units–the mini-split type of AC, as well as a more traditional unit–and they are able to resolve issues. And, their technicians are punctual and respectful of our home.

~ Tony C., Crete, IL

I just have to say that the people over at Air-ease Heating & Cooling provided me with some truly excellent service. It has been a couple of months since they did their work and they have certainly delivered on their promise. The work that they did for me has definitely helped me cut down on my electricity bill without having to sacrifice my comfort. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone and everyone if I could.

~ Maria H., Orland Park, IL

The geothermal heating and cooling in my apartment building was causing all kinds of grief for me and my tenants until I found Air Ease. The system still has issues sometimes, but Air Ease has mostly tamed it–which the manufacturer couldn’t do. Everyone at Air Ease is really helpful and can-do, and when we need them they come straight out and get the problems fixed. I am very happy with the service provided via the PMA too. They are a great company.

~ Devon A., Chicago, IL

We have been using air ease for quite a long time. 10 12 years now and have had great success with their yearly maintenance and clean and checks. We have had no problems and they have been very precise in servicing all of our equipment and doing work that is necessary. Had an issue with my older unit and brandon came out in a timely fashion and with his expertise fixed the problem so I could leave town and know that things would be ok for my family when the weather got cold. Recommend AIR-EASE to everyone. Great service ,great company!

~ Greg H., Tinley Park, IL

Air-ease Heating & Cooling are extremely knowledgeable on the type of equipment we have in service. It is a very complex system and they understand the system and do a great job servicing it. Their prices are fair and we are very pleased with them. They are a good company and they do a great job!

~ Dave O., New Lenox, IL

Air-ease Heating & Cooling comes out for regular seasonal maintenance; they’ve also did some repair service for some AC cooling issues I was experiencing. For both times the results were good. The technician was very nice and professional. Fair pricing. I would recommend them.

~ Richard S., Chicago, IL

Air-ease Heating & Cooling is a great company. They are very reliable and they do great work. They seem to really care about you and if you have a problem they take care of it and take care of any situation. I never had a problem with them and I trust them. They are just fabulous. They are trustworthy and good. Just fabulous!

~ Joe K., Oak Forest, IL

I just wanted to send you a personal note to say “THANK YOU” for all your help in sorting out our furnace/AC issues. You saved our family $10,000 and allowed us to keep using our relatively new HVAC system. I’m so glad to find someone honest, trustworthy, and — above all — knowledgeable! I will send everyone I come across your way and I hope we can talk again, sometime soon, about Geothermal regulations for the Village.

~Amy C., Tinley Park, IL

“I LOVE AIR EASE!  I just SO appreciate your QUICK response to our request to get the proposal – I know you worked VERY hard on it.”

~Sue C., Frankfort, IL

“Thanks for taking good care of my Sister and Brother-In-Law.  They are getting a new air conditioning system from you soon.  I was confident in referring them to you.  It isn’t easy finding companies that a person feels comfortable referring other retired people to! If we can refer any more, we certainly will do so”.

~ Vickie and Jim G., Tinley Park, IL

“Bob the addition of the third unit in the basement has really turned out to be great. I am very happy with the entire system. All three units are performing just perfect! The temperature is constant and even everywhere in the house now. I have them all set for 64°and I no longer notice a difference in temperature when I go from one level to the other. If I set one of the fans to  high speed the temperature in that room goes up about 2°higher than what the thermostat is set for. I can’t wait till summer to see how the air conditioning works. You guys did a great job. I will be showing this system to people and if anyone is interested I will certainly refer them to you. 

Congrats on reaching the 35 year milestone.  I certainly have benefited from the company’s progress and accomplishments.  This is the third winter for the Mitsubishi system that was installed at my house.  

Summer and winter it really has changed things for the better.  If I know anyone interested in a Mitsubishi system, I will refer them to Air-ease.

~  Bill C., Homewood, IL

“Robert has a wealth of experience in the HVAC field, and has always done a fine job with the Geothermal heating and cooling jobs that we’ve worked on.”

~ David B., Golden, IL

“I have known Robert Feliszak and Air-ease Geothermal for over 30 years and prior to college worked for Robert as an installer. Because of Robert I remained in the HVAC industry and own a Manufacturer’s Rep company in Washington State selling HVAC equipment.   Air ease is an exceptional company providing sophisticated leading edge HVAC products and the highest quality installations. Properly installing Geothermal systems is an art that requires a high level of skill and knowledge. Robert’s first Geothermal system was installed in 1978…..even back then Robert knew Geothermal was the future. If you are looking for an ‘EXPERT’ there is no one more qualified than Robert Feliszak”.

~ Jim H., Applied Equipment Sales Inc.
Seattle, WA (formerly Country Club Hills, IL)

“Thanks for the follow up.  I find that to be a very uncommon practice these last few years! Thanks for delivering what you promised!”

~ Mark B., Joliet, IL

“Bob Feliszak has enormous knowledge in the HVAC industry. He is able to design, diagnose and repair the most complex systems with 100% accuracy. I have been involved with several of his projects and have found his work and his company to be impeccable.”

~ Eileen R., Lemont, IL

“I’m very happy with the fast actions from Air-ease!!! I thought I would be down for a day or two.  If anyone is looking for any A/C unit or Furnace I will recommend you guys hands down. Great service!”

~ Ken B., Chicago, IL

“Thank you for taking such great care of our home heating system.  It is so wonderful to have consistent heat!”

~ Andy and Corinne N., Mokena, IL

“Air-ease comes with honesty integrity and the know-how to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter…..I highly recommend Air-ease as your best move for all your heating and cooling needs”

~ Tim H., Thorton, IL

“5 star Great company! Had a small emergency, they were there in 15 minutes & fixed the problem in no time! Wonderful customer service !!!”

~ Natalie M., Tinley Park, IL