Quite simply, geothermal heating and cooling systems are the cleanest, most energy efficient and most cost-effective systems of their kind.

The numbers speak for themselves–400% energy efficiency, 60-70% lower energy costs and 0 emissions.

Geothermal systems work on a different principle than an ordinary furnace/air conditioning system, and they require little maintenance or attention. A geothermal system does not use any gas or fuel of any kind to heat and/or cool a home or business.  Instead, the Earth’s natural heat is collected through a series of loops, installed below the surface of the ground or submersed in a pond or lake. Fluid circulating in the loop carries this heat inside.

An indoor geothermal system then uses electrically-driven compressors and heat exchangers (the same principle employed in a refrigerator) to concentrate the Earth’s energy and release it inside at a higher temperature. In typical systems, ducts distribute the heat to various rooms. Radiant heat is a great partner to a geothermal system.