Is Your Heating System Ready For Cold Weather?

Homeowners in Tinley Park are getting ready for dropping temperatures and the beginning of the heating season.  An annual inspection of your heating system Tinley Park, IL by Air-ease Heating and Cooling can mean less wasted energy, lower energy bills and a more comfortable home.

If you have an older system that was installed before current efficiency standards, you could be spending more than needed on heating your home.  Now would be the time for Air-ease Heating and Cooling to professionally install an energy efficient heating system.  Air-ease Heating and Coolingis an experienced contractor in Tinley Park for 39 years, Veteran Owned and NATE certified.  NATE certified contractors are skilled professionals who have proven their knowledge in the HVAC industry by passing specialized certification test.

If your system is newer, you can prepare for the heating season with a little bit of maintenance.

  • Have your heating system serviced by Air-ease Heating and Cooling for optimal performance. Take advantage of our Preventative Maintenance Plansfor both heating and cooling seasons.
  • Change your furnace filters at least twice during the heating season.
  • Lower your thermostat during unoccupied times and at night. Ask Air-ease Heating and Cooling to install a programmable thermostat to regulate temperatures and achieve greater energy savings.
  • A humidifier will make your home feel warmer. Dry air feels cooler than moist air and moist air is best for your health and your furnishings.  Ask Air-ease Heating and Cooling to install a whole-home humidifier for optimal indoor comfort.
  • Modern homes are built to keep as much of your heating and cooled air inside as possible. This can have a negative impact on air quality because its traps pollutants and contaminants in your homes air supply.  You can remove these pollutants with an Air-ease Heating and Cooling installed whole-home air filtration system.
  • Check your vents and returns for obstructions. Remove any furnishings or carpet that may be blocking the air flow.
  • Ductless (split-system) heat pumpsare gaining popularity in the heating and cooling industry. Quiet, energy efficient and modern, these systems provide whole-home heating and cooling and solve uneven heating and cooling problems in individual rooms. Air-ease Heating and Cooling can install individually zoned units throughout your home for the ultimate in heating and cooling comfort.  $400 rebate available through ConEd.  Plus $500 Mitsubishi Electric rebate.
  • Ask Air-ease Heating and Cooling about geothermal. Geothermal systemsuse the earth’s natural energy, a renewable resource, and are among the most efficient heating and cooling technologies available today.  This natural energy is in a constant state of replenishment and is stored in the ground.  Why buy energy from other sources when we own the energy under our feet?!  Rebates up to $6000 are available through ConEd.


Maintaining a comfortable and energy efficient home is easy with a these helpful tips.  Make sure your heating system is operating optimally this season to keep you warm and comfortable when the cold weather starts.  Call Air-ease Heating and Cooling in Tinley Park for all your heating and cooling needs.