furnace tune-up

When the leaves fall and begin to turn color and the cool weather clothes come out of storage, you may be trying to hold off turning on the furnace to save money. It’s one of the mildest times for energy use throughout much of the Midwest. However, this mild and comfortable weather is good for more than just energy savings—it’s also your last chance to take advantage of special pricing on an Air-ease Heating & Cooling furnace tune-up before the winter.

Your furnace might be providing you great service, but if you’re not giving it regular maintenance, don’t expect that heat to last. Just like your car needs the occasional oil change, your furnace needs a thorough inspection, cleaning and adjustment once a year.

Why Does My Furnace Need A Tune-Up?

One of the smartest reasons to tune-up your furnace is that it gives our trained HVAC technician the opportunity to find and fix small problems before they develop into large repairs. There are many early warning signs that are only detectable to a trained, professional technician, and many of those won’t immediately present themselves to homeowners in the form of noises, odors or poor heating performance.

Take advantage of Air-ease Heating & Cooling special pricing on a furnace tune-up during the months of September and October.

Does My Filter Keep My Furnace Clean?

Dust particles seem to get everywhere, and that includes the inside of your furnace. If your filter is dirty, or not replaced on a recommended schedule, dust is allowed to build up significantly. This can easily begin to diminish the energy efficiency of your heating elements and can even help cause problems that will lead to replacing parts. Not to mention that unhealthy air is coming from a dirty furnace filter.

When an Air-ease Heating & Cooling trained HVAC technician moves through all the steps of the furnace tune-up, he’ll clean as he goes, making sure your furnace has a clean start before the long winter.

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I Had My Furnace Cleaned Several Years Ago. Why Again?

Occasionally, furnaces can develop problems that present a danger to your family. The two most common types of problems are fire hazards and carbon monoxide leaks. Both of these can be deadly, and both frequently begin as small problems that can be easily detected during a furnace tune-up.

Even if your furnace is operating well and you think you can get through the winter without any breakdowns, consider getting a furnace tune-up to provide you and your family peace of mind during the heating season.

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Do You Keep A Permanent Record Of Maintenance?

When our Air-ease Heating & Cooling technician is done analyzing, lubricating parts, changing filters, vacuuming dust and making approved small repairs, he will present you with recommendations on your furnace’s long-term maintenance needs. Having this written record every year will make it easy to monitor your furnace over time and make informed decisions about when to upgrade to a newer, more energy-efficient HVAC system. This information is also maintained in our customer database for easy access to our technicians when you call for future furnace service.

Furnace maintenance records are also a great thing to have in the event you put your home up for sale. Prospective buyers will appreciate your diligent maintenance and record-keeping, which can have a huge influencing factor in favor of a sale. If you are on our Preventative Maintenance program, this yearly program is transferable to the next homeowner.

What Is The Preventative Maintenance Program?

When you join our PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM  you will receive yearly reminders to schedule your furnace tune-up in addition to special pricing on new equipment, discounts on parts, FREE diagnostic calls and many other benefits.

Cold weather is coming, so this is a very busy time of year for furnace tune-ups. Schedule your tune-up today with Air-ease Heating & Cooling, your Neighborhood HVAC experts to be sure your furnace is ready to keep you warm before the first chilly nights and throughout the winter.