First get that bulky, view obstructing, noisy window air conditioner out of your window in Tinley Park, Illinois and move on to Mitsubishi electric ductless mini split air conditioning!  If you are in the market for a new air conditioner you will see that technology has sent window air conditioners to the graveyard.  They are expensive to operate, block out natural daylight, severely undermine home security, and are loud.  Say goodbye to the annual installation and removal of window air conditioners.

Now, imagine the ultimate in home comfort, in any room, with lower energy bills!  Mitsubishi Electric mini splits are ductless heating and cooling systems.  Yes, both heating and cooling, or cooling only. In fact, the same ductless system you use for effective and efficient summer cooling can also provide comfortable, even heat in the winter.  These units have no ducts, and these sleek, low-profile indoor units can mount either high on a wall, near the floor or within the ceiling.  They provide solutions for homes that have electric heat or boilers and do not have the ductwork to provide cooling.  Mini splits also provide comfort solutions for homes with hot and cold spots.  Every home has a room that is too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer.  A damp and cold basement, a converted attic – now office that looks great but is not temperature-controlled, perhaps a sunroom that is a sauna, or a kitchen where you can’t stand the heat?  Are you a baby boomer with a large home in which you are wasting money heating and cooling several unoccupied rooms year round?  Now there is an affordable and energy efficient solution with a Mistubishi Electric Ductless Mini Split installed by Air-ease Heating and Cooling.

The Family Handyman

Illustration: The Family Handyman

Mini split technology has been around for 30 years and are used throughout Europe and Japan.  In fact, many people learn about this technology while on vacation and come back to the states looking for this comfort in their homes.  Air-ease Heating & Cooling has been installing these systems for over 20 years.  Mitsubishi Electric units are the leading ductless systems today.  Compared to an average window unit, a Mitsubishi Electric system consumes 40% less energy, allowing you to enjoy lower monthly utility bills during the cooling season.  The unparalleled comfort of a variable speed compressor and accurate monitoring of the room temperature, allows this technology to steadily maintain the target temperature.  The average window air conditioner either keeps running until the room gets too cold, or it cycles on and off, creating unpleasant, sometimes extreme temperature variations.  With a Mitsubishi Electric mini split, the temperature you set is the temperature you get.  This turns a summer hot spot into a cool hang out!  Another factor to consider is noise. Even the quietest window air conditioners tend to make a racket. Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems are ultra-quiet. When operating, indoor units reach volumes as low as 19 decibels—quieter than a whisper.  Try saying that about a window air conditioner!

Mitsubishi Electric mini splits have a definite advantage for particular rooms.  They are designed to cool and heat a single room or zone and can expand up to eight indoor units hooked up to a single outdoor unit.  They provide zoned heating and cooling for every room.  Mini splits have no ducts and therefore can avoid the energy loss (up to 20% or 30%) that comes with forced-air systems running through ductwork.  Therefore, mini split ductless units can replace your existing heating and cooling system, or supplement those systems.  Now every room in your home can be heated and cooled evenly and comfortable.  Take a look at some of these benefits:

  • Room-by-room temperature control
  • Year-round comfort
  • Up to 40% more efficient than central air conditioning
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • No more hot or cold rooms in your home
  • Odor and allergen filtration
  • Turn off unoccupied rooms
  • Remote control technology

Are you looking for more comfort in your home, in a specific room or space with low energy cost, modern design and quiet operation?  Look no further.  Air-ease Heating and Cooling is your one stop for experienced ductless installation and service company.  Air-ease Heating and Cooling is a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor providing you expert zoned comfort in any room.

If you would like more information just call Air-ease Heating and Cooling at (708) 429-6550 or send us an email and we would be more than happy to assist you with your ductless mini split questions in Tinley Park, IL.  Don’t worry about asking, “What is a ductless mini split.” Our experts will take care of the hassle for you and provide you with real information so you can make an informed buying decision!  Trust the experts at Air-ease Heating and Cooling for more on Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning in Tinley Park, IL.