When the dog days of summer heat roll into Mokena IL you may notice your air conditioning freeze up. Having a good air conditioning system is critical to keeping you comfortable when the humidity and heat start to rise.

Months of winter abuse, followed by a sudden increase in usage can cause many problems with air conditioning units. Constant use, damaged equipment, and lack of ongoing maintenance can add up to a hot summer.

It can be frustrating to have your air conditioning system break down when you need it most. Contact the air conditioning repair, replacement and installation experts at Air-ease Heating & Cooling immediately when you suspect problems with your air conditioning. We are the air conditioning repair and maintenance professionals in the Mokena IL area.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling? Do I Need Air Conditioning Repair?

There are several factors that prevent your AC system from cooling, or just partially cooling your home.

  1. Dirty filter – this is one of the most common problems that prevent your AC system from cooling properly.
  2. Thermostat- make sure the selector switch or “mode” is set to cool.
  3. Breaker – if the condenser (outdoor unit) does not start when the thermostat is set to cooling, check your breaker in the main panel to make sure it didn’t trip.
  4. Frosty condenser – if you see ice or frost on the lines leading to the condenser, shut the system off.

If the above steps didn’t solve the problem, then you need to contact the professionals at Air-ease Heating & Cooling to properly diagnose and repair the problem. Our technicians are friendly and highly trained. They’ve worked with all kinds of air conditioning systems and problems. They will be able to get to your home quickly, assess the problem, and offer a reasonable solution.


Repair Service

If the required repair is a one-time, non-recurring issue, it might be worth fixing. If you are satisfied with your current air conditioner and your energy bill, than is may make sense to repair the system to keep it running. However the beginning of repairs often indicates the future. If a repair cost begins to approach the cost to replace, opt for the new air conditioner. You may recover some of the cost in energy savings. The experts at Air-ease Heating & Cooling will provide their professional opinion on the lifespan of your current air conditioner to help you decide whether the repair is advisable. If you are struggling with this decision, ask the experts at Air-ease Heating & Cooling to assist you in this process.

24 Hour Emergency Service

We are available 24/7 in case your air conditioner goes out in the middle of the night, you can call us and get emergency air conditioning repair in Mokena IL. Day or night, Air-ease Heating & Cooling stands ready to service your heating or air conditioning system. Air-ease technicians are licensed and insured for all brands of heating and air conditioning equipment. We offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you can rest assured you are getting the expert service you are looking for. Contact Air-ease Heating & Cooling today.

Replacement Air Conditioning System

Most WELL MAINTAINED air conditioning systems can last 15 years or more. However, if your air conditioning system has started to require frequent repairs, it could be time to start thinking about replacing it. If this repair is likely to be a recurring issue or further system breakdowns could occur, the time has come to consider replacement. There are rebates and tax credits to help you with this replacement. There are specials and coupons that can help to offset the cost of replacement. Financing is also available to qualified customers. The technicians at Air-ease Heating & Cooling are the air conditioning replacement professionals that you can count on to help you find a great air conditioning replacement for your home. Call Air-ease Heating & Cooling, the Mokena IL area heating and air conditioning experts, to find out how we can help you determine which air conditioner is right for you and make sure that it is installed properly.

Maintenance Plans

We also recommend performing regular maintenance on your air conditioning system. With all the use that your air conditioner gets during the summer, it could start to develop small problems that could turn into more costly repairs. We can find these issues early before they become big repairs. Air-ease Heating & Cooling offers annual Preventative Maintenance Plans for residential and commercial HVAC systems in Mokena IL.  This insures that your system will keep you comfortable when you need it. See our Preventative Maintenance page for more information.

Home Resale

Although you may not be planning on moving when faced with a repair or replacement, a new air conditioner can increase your home’s value.   This may be the difference between selling your home or missing out to a neighbor’s home with a new system.   No matter what you decide, talk to us we care about your home. Our technicians show up on time and they always wear booties in your home and try not to get anything dirty. From air conditioning repair and installation to thermostats, filters and whole home air filtration, Air-ease Heating & Cooling in the Mokena IL area is the air conditioning and heating experts that you want working in your home. Call us today to talk with one of our technicians about any of your home or commercial heating and air conditioning needs.