Energy Efficiency – SEER and AFUE – Most heating and air conditioning systems that are more than 10 years old are outdated in terms of efficiency. 10 SEER for your AC Oak Forest, IL air conditioner and 78% AFUE for your furnace means your system is at the bare minimum in operating efficiencies. There are only so many repairs to bring your system back to original, and it’s still costing more on your utility bills. A helpful tool for determining how much you can save can be found here. You simply plug in your factors such as utility rate cost, size of equipment and location of your home.

Improved Indoor Air Quality – New equipment provides you the opportunity to look at enhancing the comfort of your home with new technologies and additional products like air cleaners, media filters, humidifiers, wireless thermostats or zoning. Less dust if often noticed when replacing your air conditioner.

Peace Of Mind – That’s right. Not having to worry about your air conditioning unit quitting on the hottest day of the year. Even worse, no heat on Christmas morning. A new furnace and air conditioner really will provide peace of mind with worry free operation for many years to come.

New Warranties – Most new equipment comes with at least 10 year warranties from the manufactures. This can provide peace of mind for many years to come.

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