Heating Repairs Frankfort, IL

Follow these tips to stay warm and cozy while keep your furnace and heating repairs in Frankfort, IL and local areas cost down!

Adjust Your Thermostat

You can keep your home comfortable and save energy by strategically adjusting your thermostat. Air-ease Heating and Cooling can install a programmable thermostat, which allows easy set up to schedule and maximize your savings.

If your family is out of the house at work or school during the day, keeping the house 10° or even as much as 15° lower when no one is home could result in significant savings. A great way to manage this is to contact Air-ease Heating and Cooling to install a Wi-Fi thermostat that you can adjust while out and about.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save as much as 1% on your winter heating bills for each eight hours you set the thermostat back one degree. That means that if you set your thermostat back each night from 70° to 65° while you sleep, you could add a blanket to your bed and save as much as 5% on your heating costs.

Reduce Air Leaks

By sealing air leaks in your Tinley Park, Oak Forest, Frankfort and Mokena home, an average household can cut 10% of its winter heating bills. Use caulk to seal any cracks or small openings on non-moving surfaces, such as where window frames meet the house structure. Check weather-stripping in exterior doorframes and replace any that is deteriorated or cracked. Inspect utility cut-through for pipes (plumping penetrations), gaps around chimneys and recessed lights in insulated ceilings, and unfinished spaces behind cupboards and closets. You can buy material that expands to fill the gaps and keep air from flowing through. You may think these are small and insignificant but once you add them all up throughout your home, they have a major impact on the overall efficiency of your home.

Air-ease Heating and Cooling can examine ductwork for splits or gaps that have developed in the ducts. If your home is heated by forced air, we will examine the ductwork and use duct sealant or metal-backed tape on any leaks. We will also check registers and grills to make sure they are tightly sealed to ducts.

Have Your Furnace Checked

If you did not have your heating system serviced before winter got into full swing, don’t panic, you can still schedule preventative maintenance. Saving money on your winter heating bills can come from adjusting gas pressures. Also save on your winter heating bills by installing new air filters. This will allow your furnace to breathe better and increase airflow throughout your system. The heating and cooling experts at Air-ease Heating and Cooling can offer recommendations that will increase your efficiency throughout the winter.

Call Air-ease Heating and Cooling to see how you can start saving today. For almost 40 years we have been saving homeowners’ money on their winter heating bills. We specialize in providing solutions beyond your expectations. We also provide emergency heating repair, furnace repair services so you can rest assured your home will be kept warm all winter long!

Air-ease Heating and Cooling offers emergency furnace repair, heating repair, heating repair in Frankfort, IL and offers completely free in-home consultations for replacements as well. Our Comfort Specialists will be able to access your needs and get your heating system restored and your home comfortable quickly. We are your team for expert furnace and heating repairs and beyond.